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Looking for a breakdown of the many features located in Ademero’s Content Central Document Management Software? Check out our feature matrix – it’s a quick outline of some of the great features included in every copy of Content Central. We add more every day, so contact us for even more info about new features or to schedule a demo to see it in action today!

Server Platform
Microsoft® Windows®
Internet Information Services (IIS)
.NET Framework
Microsoft SQL Server (bundled with a free version)
SSL Compatible
Client Platform Compatibility
Microsoft® Windows®
Apple® Macintosh®
Microsoft Internet Explorer®
Mozilla Firefox®
Microsoft Office®
Google® Android
Apple® iOS
Plugin Compatibility
 Adobe® Acrobat Reader®
 Nitro PDF®
 PDF XChange® by Tracker Software Products
 Brava!® by Informative Graphics®
 QuickViewPlus® by AvantStar
 qPDF Notes™ by Qoppa Software
System and Security
 Fully Browser Based
 Web-Based Capable
 Mobile Site
 Folder & File Building (uses metadata)
 Document-Type Security
 Document Permissions (View, Edit, Add, Delete, etc.)
 Logging & Event Viewer (audit trail)
 Designated Folder for Deleted Content
 Internal Messaging System
 External Messaging via E-mail
 Administration Console
 Configurable Session Timeout
 Upgradable Licensing
 Unlimited Catalog Creation
 Unlimited Document-Type Creation
 Unlimited Group Creation
 Unlimited User Creation
 Active Directory Integration
 Customizable User Interface / Theme Creation
  Document-Type Administrator Permission
  Batch Catalog Creation
Paper Capture from TIFF
Paper Capture from JPEG
Paper Capture from PDF
Paper Capture to PDF
Electronic File Capture (any file type)
Drag & Drop Capture
Single-Document Capture (one-touch scanning)
Batch Document Capture
Fixed-Page Batch Document Capture
Barcoding for Batch Processing (fax capable)
Scan-to-Browser, Scan-to-Web
TWAIN Compliant
Image Review Tools (Zoom, Rotate, Rearrange, Delete)
Wide-Format/Large-Format Compatible
Scan Routing (user or catalog queue)
Imports Existing Files (any file type)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
OCR for Existing PDFs
Positional OCR (for PDF Highlighting)
Multi-Language OCR
Zonal OCR (for automating field input)
Zonal Barcode Recognition
Automatic Rotation
Document Creation via PDF/XFA Forms
E-mail Capture
ODBC Integration (for automating field input)
Capture Content using XML Descriptor
Microsoft Office Integration
Coding (Indexing, Data Entry)
Pre-Capture Coding
Post-Capture Coding
Versatile Coding (combined pre & post)
OCR-Only Capture
Document Coding Queue/Inbox
Drag-and-Drop OCR Coding
Field Types: Text, Numeric, Date
Field Masks (e.g., Phone, SSN, Custom)
Drop-Down Field-Choice Lists
Coding-Field Ordering
Off-Site/Remote Coding Capable
ODBC / External Data Source Integration
Searching and Retrieval
Full-Text Searching
Document Properties Searching (field searching)
Filename Searching
Proximity Searching
Wildcard Searching
Advanced Search Syntax
Adds to Search Providers (Internet Explorer, Firefox)
Search All Catalogs
Search-Field Ordering
Drop-Down Field-Choice Lists
Sort Results
Group Results
Save Results
Document Status Indicators (e.g., checked out)
Thumbnail Support for Image-Based Documents
PDF Streaming for Network Performance
Display PDFs in Browser
Display MS Office in Browser
Download Documents
Zip & Download Documents
E-mail Documents
Fax Documents (using RelayFax®)
Catalog Browser (browser-based file explorer)
Search by Packet (Document Group)
Annotation Markup with PDFs
Approval Processes
Workflow Rules / Automation
External Application Processing
Work Queue / Collaboration
Message (E-mail) Templates
One-Click Document Editing
Packets / Document Grouping
Retention-Policy Management
Report Generator
Document Versioning / Version Control
Revision History
Check Out / Check In
User Dashboard
Update Properties (metadata/fields)
Append to Document
Replace Document
Copy Documents
Move Documents
Delete Documents
In-Product Live-Chat Support
In-Product, Contextual Help Documentation
Printable Documentation
Available 24/7/365 Voice/E-mail/Chat Support
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Free First-Year Support & Upgrades

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