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With features like Document Type Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, Intelligent Indexing and Classification, CapturePoint by Ademero Inc. is the most advanced document imaging software in existence.

Paperless Office, Advanced Scanning Software for High Volume, Auto Classification, Intelligent Indexing, Handwriting Recognition, BarCode Scanning, and More! See how CapturePoint’s simple touch interface can save you both time and money today with a free download…

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Meet Kevin
Kevin decided he should start improving his document management system.  And well…..he needs a little help.
OK……..a lot of help.
He already bought a scanner.
But that’s as far as he’s gotten.
Kevin, you need CapturePoint from Ademero! [pronounced “add-uh-mare-oh”]
The first step in managing all your documents, CapturePoint can make quick work of all those papers; whether you have just a few, or more than a few.  Just like Kevin here.
As documents are scanned, they are quickly processed by CapturePoint’s world class optical character recognition engine – also called OCR.
That means that the software can automatically recognize text, [brief pause] numbers [brief pause], logos [brief pause], and even handwriting in a snap.
It even works when pages are upside-down, sideways, or just a little crooked.  If there is ever any doubt during this process, CapturePoint will notify you with a “confidence alert” so that you can view and resolve them as they occur. Or, if you’d prefer, the system can email you a list of alerts after a large batch of scans finishes processing.
As items are scanned and processed, CapturePoint begins automatically classifying your documents.  That means it’s intelligent enough to understand the difference between an invoice for accounts payable, a vendor proposal, or even a group of related documents for a project.
Once CapturePoint knows what type of document it’s dealing with, it’ll search the page for an address, look for an invoice number, or even capture the grand total from the bottom of the page.  Then it’s time to sort, process, and index these documents – all without Kevin’s interaction…. And it only took a couple seconds!
Once it’s done, the information can then be sent wherever you need it next… like Content Central. From there, you can search, organize, group your documents, and more using the information that was sent over by CapturePoint.
In no time, you’re on your way to becoming an expert in document management……..just like Kevin.

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