In this video, Mike covers how to process invoices with document imaging and management software.

Video Transcript:

Hello, it’s Mike again with your Mike Minute. Today we’re going to talk about invoices. How do we process them?

Well, the idea is to avoid the time consuming process of scanning and naming folders and file names. Let’s take a look at how we can automate this. We’re looking at a product here called CapturePoint. What we’re going to do with CapturePoint is, we’re going to go ahead and bring in a few documents, and let’s see how much automation we can offer with these types of files, invoices, and maybe supporting documents and we’ll see within a few seconds it’s going to go through and it’s going to identify some things about these particular files.

The fact that maybe it’s an invoice like a multi-page example here maybe we also get another invoice and this one comes with a supporting document like a packing list and within a few seconds we also see it’s extracting key values. Maybe invoice numbers, PO names, vendors, dates maybe even amounts all different items that can be used to extract to maybe create the folder names and the file names for the type of structure and storage that you’re looking for. Maybe even perhaps sending them onto a document management software.

Well thanks for joining us for your Mike Minute today! Talk to you again soon!

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