This video discusses the basics of approval processing with Content Central by Ademero.

Approval Processing automates your office. It’s easily customized to fit your needs and ensure that your business and documents are moving effortlessly.

Let’s get started with an easy time-off request form. I’ll capture – then submit to send this document on its way.

My manager just got a notification letting them know I need time off. Once they approve it, an email will let me know I’m good-to-go. Easy.

Now, let’s add some other features to the mix that makes Approval Processes more advanced for departments like Accounting.

By adding additional features, like workflow rules, we can route invoices under $100 straight to accounting for approval or send larger invoices to an accounting group, a department manager, or even a C-level employee to review.

Better still, you can add features like deadlines to ensure that your manager doesn’t forget that time-off request is still waiting for them.

Send a notification to your vendor that the check you just sent out is in the mail today. Or automatically generate a report to see how quickly invoices are being processed.
And further amplify your capability by integrating with other technologies like CapturePoint, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more.

For more information, or to see a customized demonstration, contact us today.


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