In this video, Mike covers the benefits of using the “Favoriting” feature of document management software.

Video Transcript:

Well this is Mike here with your Mike Minute and I’m here today to discuss the topic of favorites in document management.

Now, the primary benefit of your favorites is to quickly access the documents that you frequent or need access to often, so let’s take a look.

Right here on our Favorites widget it’s currently empty, so let’s add some documents. Let’s do a quick search for Jones engineering and then we’ll quickly favorite a couple of documents and see what this results in for us. So, I’m going to come down on these documents right here on their cards and I’ll just go ahead and click the star on a few of these now adding these to our favorites.

Let’s come back up to our dashboard now and take a look at what this does for us. So now the next time you log in, right here on your favorites widget there are those three documents we just favorited and when you want to go to them and see them you can just click on your favorites menu, taking you right to those documents quickly accessing them.

This has been your Mike Minute, thanks!

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