In this video, Mike covers the benefits of using document management software with a customizable user dashboard.

Video Transcript:

Hello, this is Mike here with your Mike Minute, and I come to you today to discuss the topic of dashboards in document management.

The benefits of a dashboard are to create shortcuts for the activities that a user is commonly or frequently using, so let’s take a look at example. Let’s go ahead and login with our brand new user account here conveniently named Mike, and immediately it brings us to the dashboard. Now, this is the first time I’ve logged in with this user account, so it’s blank or empty, So, let’s dig in, let’s find out what we can do with this dashboard here.

So down at the bottom right you’ll notice an “add widget” button. This is a widget-based dashboard that allows us to create widgets that help us create those shortcuts that we’re looking for.

Let’s start with choosing the Approval Queue and click “next” and then we get a interactive widget here, it gives us the ability to quickly approve and reject documents. I’ll go ahead and approve one here and we see how simple that was to interact with approving a particular document.

Let’s add another widget now. This time let’s choose a Search widget. We’ll click “next”. Now we get some additional choices at this point. Maybe we want to have it search a specific catalog or group of documents. We’ll click “apply”, now we have a second widget here, interactive in the sense that we can organize and place them where we want, type in the search bar here and do a search for a group of documents.

Well, that’s a little bit about dashboards in document management this has been your Mike Minute.

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