In this video, Mike discusses how document management workflow works.

Video Transcript:

Hello this is Mike here again with your Mike Minute and today we’re going to talk about workflow and document management. So let’s get right down to it.

What is workflow and how does that fit with document management? These are all great questions so let’s talk about what workflow can be. It could be the process of capturing a document or how do we route those captured documents to the appropriate parties.

Let’s take a look at an approval and some notifications as an actual example of this. So right here in my Outlook I’ve received an email. It appears here that we’ve got a contract from Potter Chemicals from September 9th 2016 and it’s letting me know that a workflow rule has assigned this document to me and then we are provided what we call a quick link here or URL the link is right to our document management software. To take a look at that document, review, and approve it so go ahead and click the link. Up comes our document management software and it’s actually going to take us straight to this specific document so that we can review it, approve it, do necessary actions.

So here we are, we see the document. Again, we can review it by scrolling up and down through the particular document and then we’re ready, come over, approve this document, even type some notes like “looks good to me”.

Alright, well, this has been our Mike Minute for today, thanks!

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