In this video, Mike discusses grouping documents together using the “Packet” feature of document management software.

Video Transcript:

Hello, it’s Mike again with your Mike Minute. Today we’re going to be talking about making sure all of your required documents are present in your document management software. So let’s dig in, let’s take a look.

Packets are great way to group or digitally staple documents together and you can have required and optional documents. What we see here is we’re going to perform a search for an accounts payable invoice with an invoice number of 4801 and we’ll pull back a specific document. Then we realize, you know what, I don’t want to just view this document, I want to view all of the documents in its packet. So we’ll click “view packet” and in this case it’s grouped our related documents together based on a key field.

This example, we’ve got a PO number and we can see we’ve got several documents present in here including missing documents are identified, in this case we’re missing a check. Uh-oh that might be a bad thing.

Let’s take a look at another example of packets. We’re going to come to our navigation drawer, we’re going to come to search, we’re going to search for a packet. And this time, let’s select the different packets let’s select an employee packet. We’ll put in our employee ID and hit go. In this case, we pull back personnel files or human resource files for this given employee. This time, the documents are stapled together with the employee ID and we can see that there’s certain documents that are present and perhaps ones that are missing, we may need to address those. Keep in mind this can tie into our workflow and reporting engine. Contact us to learn more about that.

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