In this video, Mike discusses how reminders and deadlines work with document management software.

Video Transcript:

Hello this is Mike again with your Mike Minute. We previously discussed workflow with email notifications and we received many questions about reminders. What if somebody forgets to do something with the document? So let’s discuss deadlines today.

As we see here in our Approval Queue, documents can have deadlines, maybe specific dates, times reoccurring, and they may also expire, where we can see they may be approaching in the near future and we even have some down here where they’ve completely expired.

Now once they expire we can actually define what should take place or what should happen. It could be a simple email notification going to that particular user reminding about that deadline again with a convenient link to take you right to your queue to review the document, as well as we can escalate these types of notifications of deadlines, or maybe they get sent to supervisory or management roles or maybe just a colleague that can help with load-balancing.

Well thanks for joining us for your Mike Minute today, hope you enjoyed, speak to you again soon.

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