In this video, Mike discusses the benefits of utilizing the “search” feature of document management software.

Video Transcript:

Hello, it’s Mike again with your Mike Minute. Today, we’ll be talking about searching in your document management software, what is OCR, optical character recognition, and why does this matter? What is indexing? Let’s take a look.

We’re first going to come up to our navigation drawer and we’re going to go to our folder browser to find a particular document. Let’s check out our Accounts Payable catalog. Let’s go over the Frontage Freight got a PO folder here, and here’s an invoice.

Now that was an easy enough way to get to the document, but what if I don’t know all these bits of information to navigate through the folder structure.

Let’s click on this document and let’s pick a keyword out of it. Maybe all we remember is that we ordered a thick foam board. So this time, we’re going to come up to the search bar and we’re going to type “thick foam board” in order to pull back any documents that might have those words inside of it.

So this is using that OCR, or optical character recognition, to recognize words and phrases inside of documents so that we can search on those even though they’re not a part of the key index values, in this case maybe like an invoice number or PO, or vender name.

What if we want to make sure we find only the specific one that has those exact three words because some documents may be produced based on having one or both of those words in it. So we’re going to add some quotes around this phrase and search again, and we’ll find that one specific invoice that we were looking for. Again being able to click on it to see that guy full screen.

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