Content Central Troubleshooting Basics

In this video we cover the basics about how to troubleshoot Content Central when things go wrong.

The Ademero Content Central services should be running all the times on the server, but sometimes they stop when they’ve encountered unusual circumstances. Whenever you encounter a problem, you should check to make sure these services are running. You can also review the Content Central log in the Windows Event Viewer on the Content Central server to see if there have been any errors or warnings lately.  If you do see warnings or errors, it’s helpful to email them to Ademero along with your full version number, which can be found on the login screen.

Another important check is to make sure that the hardware and other software on the Content Central server is healthy and performing normally.   Most IT professional do this by reviewing the system or application logs in the windows log section.  

There are three different ways to find the document in Content Central.  The first is using the full text search.  The second is by using the drill down or field level search on the search pane.  The final method for locating a document is to go to its permanent home in the catalog browser.  When a user is not able to find his or her document in Content Central, it’s important to try all three methods because each one works differently and uses different parts of the system.  For instance, the document might appear in catalog browser and in the drill down search, but it may not appear when using the full text search.  If you’re unable to find a document using any of these three methods, contact Ademero support and make sure to provide information on the search method and any field date of that you use to search for the document.

The best scenario is if you can provide the item and support team with a scan of the document that you’re looking for.  They can use this scan to look for the document using less common methods and they can try to reproduce the issue using your scan, which typically results in a quick resolution.  If you’re having an issue with Content Central, it’s important to figure out whether it’s happening only on one workstation or on all of them.  The workstations that access Content Central can have problems of their own that prevent Content Central from working, so remember to ask the user with the issue to try using Content Central from another workstation if they can. Often, workstation computers have older versions of Windows, Java, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome and making sure you have the latest releases of these programs can address most issues.  

If you’re unable to identify the problem on your own, there are a number of things you can do to help Ademero support provide a resolution.  First, provide remote access to your Content Central server before you have a problem.  Most customers provide unattended remote access through RDP, VPN, TeamViewer, or LogMeIn, but some of our customers prefer for Ademero to install our LogMeIn account on their servers so they can avoid the hassle of configuring remote access.  Second, make sure to provide your full version number to the Ademero support team.  You can find your full version number on the login screen. Third, let the support team know whether the problem is happening on just one or two computers or if it’s happening for every computer in your organization regardless of what user is logged in.  Finally, make sure to provide the full text of any error messages that you or your users receive or provide a screenshot of the error message.  You can contact the Ademero support team using chat, phone, or email.  You can access chat from within Content Central by using the help button, or you can also access chat from our website.  To call, dial +1-888-276-2914 and choose option 2.  You can also email Ademero support at

In this video we covered the basics about how to troubleshoot Content Central when things go wrong.

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