Working with Catalog Manager

In this video, we’ll cover the basics of Catalog Manager.

Catalog Manager is one of the two server-side applications that are installed when you install Content Central.  This application is only available from the desktop of the Content Central server.  In other words,  you can’t access it from the admin menu in Content Central.  Instead, you have to gain access to the desktop of the Content Central server directly by being in front of it, or through a remote access program like Remote Desktop Connection in Windows.

You should rarely, if ever, need to access Catalog Manager except when you are creating or configuring capture jobs, or when you are troubleshooting the system.  Catalog Manager allows you to modify critical settings for each of the catalogs in your system, like the index location, and the folders to catalog.  You should never have to change these settings unless you’re moving your Content Central from one computer or one document storage location to another, with the help of an engineer.

Catalog Manager also allows you to enable catalog update scheduling, which is an advanced feature that is rarely required for most customer scenarios.  At the bottom of Catalog Manager, there’s a drop-down box containing a number of actions that can be performed on one or more catalogs.  These actions are not needed during normal operation and involve considerable risk to your documents, so you should consult with an engineer before running any of these actions. Avoid pressing the “Go” button because it will start whatever action is selected in the drop-down box.  To exit out of Catalog Manager, just choose “close”.

In this video we covered the basics of Catalog Manager.

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