Working With Configuration Manager

In this video, we’ll cover the basics of Configuration Manager.

Configuration Manager is one of the two server-side applications that are installed when you install Content Central.  This application is only available from the desktop of the Content Central server.  In other words, you can’t access it from the admin menu in Content Central. Instead, you have to gain access to the Content Central server directly by being in front of it, or through a remote access program like Remote Desktop Connection in Windows.  You should rarely, if ever, need to access this application, except when you are performing an upgrade, or when you are troubleshooting the system.

Configuration Manager keeps track of the settings that Content Central uses to connect to the SQL database, the settings that Content Central uses to integrate with your network through active directory integration, the default location for system folders, your Content Central license key, and any external applications that you’ve configured for Content Central to use in combination with other advanced features like workflow.  

During an upgrade, you will typically use this application to gather some system settings and to perform a couple of tests before continuing with the upgrade. If you upgrade your license to include more users or more threads for document processing, you can change your key in this application under the license section.  After changing your key, be sure to restart the Ademero Content Central services on the server.

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