Built in to Content Central is a powerful approval-processing engine, giving you the ability to define an unlimited number of approval processes. These electronic processes let you easily manage the stages of a document’s life cycle by automatically moving them along workflow paths that you define.

Add one or more users, groups, or document creators to each process, generating stages. Add deadlines and priorities to enhance control over each stage, encouraging or requiring users to first process higher-priority items. You can create special stages for peer review and ad-hoc selection of users as documents move from one stage to another. Enable automated e-mail notifications for both new arrivals and deadlines to alert users when one or more documents need immediate attention. Any type of event can start approval processes, including document capture, changes to field values, or user interaction. Additional workflow rules can be triggered at any stage or action in a process, such as the arrival to a specific stage or an approval by the final member.

System administrators can grant permission to designated users for management responsibilities over one or more processes.

Members of approval processes either approve or reject documents that arrive in their Approval Queue. The administrative Approval Queue lets managers view documents at all stages and provides the ability to approve, reject, and remove any documents in view.

Additionally, Content Central maintains a complete event history for auditing purposes.

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