Content Central can capture and process digital images of paper documents from most document scanners, including multifunction devices (copiers, MFPs) and convenient desktop scanners.

DirectScan™ lets you capture paper documents using your Web browser and any TWAIN-compliant scanner connected to the desktop computer. The browser-based nature of DirectScan allows off-site document capture, which isn’t available in a traditional DMS. Captured documents will be routed directly into Content Central for image processing. The Capture Service, operating in the background, converts all scanned images into fully-searchable PDF files for retrieval.

Barcoded documents, known as QCards™, can be printed and used as cover sheets to identify one or more documents during the scanning process. QCards help facilitate capturing large batches of documents by allowing you to scan hundreds of pages in a single session using one or more document scanners in your office.

Content Central can also import scanned images of documents (TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG) that have been previously scanned and stored in network folders. Additionally, Java-based applets exist for select multifunction devices. Ask an Ademero solutions consultant for details.

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