Collaboration in Content Central centers around the Work Queue. Each user’s Work Queue can contain one or more items of importance that other users may also share. With granted permission, you can add documents and other content to the Work Queue of one or more users and groups in Content Central. Users can also add documents to their own Work Queue. Optional expiration dates can be defined to prevent items from staying in Work Queues for too long. After required operations have been completed, users can either remove or move documents out of their Work Queue.

When collaboration activities involve editing content, items can be checked out before they’re edited, and checked in when edits have been completed, ensuring two users don’t make changes at the same time.

In addition to internal use, temporary access to one or more items can be granted to outside users using Content Central’s document-sharing feature. Users with the share permission can assign items to one or more public users by providing their e-mail address in an assignment dialog. The outside users will receive complete instructions on how to access Content Central as well as the content that’s been shared.

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