This video we cover the basics about how to use Capture Forms in Content Central.

A Capture Form is a special kind of PDF that you can upload to Content Central so that users have another way to submit documents into the system.  For instance, you may have already configured a document type named “expense reports” and right now, employees fill out an Excel spreadsheet outside of Content Central, print it out,  and then scan it into Content Central using the expense report document type.

Using Capture Forms, you can eliminate some of these steps.  You can create an expense report form using a full version of Adobe Acrobat and upload it as a Capture Form for the expense reports document type.  Once this form is available, employees can log in to Content Central and on the capture screen, choose the expense report form.  They can fill in the details here and submit expense report directly into the system, without having to print it out and then scan it back in.  Employees who don’t have a Content Central account can still submit expense reports the old fashion way, but the users who have Content Central logins can now use the Capture Form to skip a few steps.

In this video, we covered the basics about how to use Capture Forms in Content Central.

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