1. Login as ‘Admin’ or member of the Administrator Group.
  2. Click ‘Admin’ to go to the Admin Page.
  3. In the Admin Page –
    • IF configuring a specific user, click ‘Users’.
    • IF configuring a specific group, click ‘Groups’.
  1. In the User/Groups page, click ‘Details’ (white wheel) icon on the same row of the user or group to add Administration Permission.
  2. In the User/Group Details Page, verify the user or group specified in the page.
  3. Click ‘Administration Permissions’ to show the settings panel.
  4. Click to CHECK on ‘Reports Templates’.
  5. Click ‘Apply’ to apply the settings.

Users and members of Groups with Administration Permission for Report Templates have access to the 'Reports Templates' area in the Admin Page to perform Report Template tasks and functions, like downloading the recently generated Report based on the configured Reports Template.

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