Several documents can be grouped together as a packet with a field value shared among them.

Configuring Packet Templates:

  1. Login  as ‘Admin’ or member of Administrator Group.
  2. Click on ‘Admin’ to go to the Admin Page.
  3. In the Admin Page, click on ‘Packet Template’.
  4. In the Packet Template Page –
    • To add a new packet template, click ‘Add Template’.
      • In the Packet-Template Details Page, specify the Packet Template Configuration. Click ‘Apply’ to apply the settings.
    • To re-configure an existing packet template, click on ‘Details’ icon on the same row of the packet template to re-configure.
      • In the Packet-Template Details Page, specify new configuration for the Packet Template. Click ‘Apply’ to save the new settings.
    • To delete an existing packet template, click on ‘red x’ icon on the same row of the packet template to delete.
      • Click ‘Confirm’ to confirm the deletion.

Packet Template configuration is set in the Packet-Template Details Page.

  • Enabled
    • If TRUE or CHECKED, the packet is enabled.
  • Packet Name or Template Name
    • Name of the Packet.
  • Description
    • Optional description of the Packet Template.
  • Key Field
    • Select a global field from the drop down menu.
    • The Document Type (Global) Field which links all the Document Type members to the packet.
    • All Document Type members are linked together in the packet when they have the same ‘Key Field’ value.
  • Document Type Packet Members or Document Types in Packet
    • Click ‘Add DocType’ to add Document Type Packet Members.
    • Only Document Types having a Global Field selected for ‘Key Field’ can be added as Document Type Packet Members.
    • Document Type Packet Members are linked together to the packet by common ‘Key Field’ value.
  • Primary Document Type
    • Select a ‘Document Type Packet Member’ from the drop down menu to be the Primary Document Type.
    • The name of the Document Type Packet Member that is captured initially or that represents the core document type around which all the Document Type members in the packet is based.
  • Required for Completion or Req’d
    • If TRUE or CHECKED, the associated Document Type Member is required to complete the packet or for packet completion.
  • Lookup Field or Lookup
    • If TRUE or CHECKED, Packet Field Look-up is enabled or available for the associated Document Type Member.
    • In the Capture Page or in the Document Properties panel, a yellow ‘key’ icons  is displayed next to a Key Field. Click the ‘key’ icon or ‘Perform key-field lookup’ link to perform a real-time field packet lookup.
    • All the global fields that are common and shares between the Primary Document type and the Document type Members will be automatically populated, based on the ‘Key Field’ value entered for the Primary Document Type initially, when performing Packet Look-up.

To test a packet template configuration, please see also:

• Viewing Documents in a Packet

• Performing Key Field Lookups

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