• Login as ‘Admin’ or as user or member of a group with Administration Permission for ‘Reports Template’.
  • In the Admin Page, click ‘Reports Template’.
  • In the Manage Reports Templates page, you can perform the following tasks –
    • Add a new Template.
    • Update a configured Report Template by clicking on the ‘Details’ (white wheel) icon.
      • Add additional columns based on System or Index Fields available.
      • Remove columns
      • Reorder of columns using the ‘blue arrow’ up and down icons.
      • Others …
    • Delete a configured Report Template by clicking on the ‘Delete’ (red x) icon.
      • Reports Template that are linked to a Workflow Rule may NOT be deleted. In this case, the workflow Rule must be disabled or removed first.
    • Download the most recently generate report based on the Report Template by clicking on ‘Download’ (disk) icon.
  • Click ‘Apply’ to apply the changes.

If the report being generated is based on a reports template, the report template must be linked to a workflow rule.

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