1. Login as user with the permission to ADD documents to a Catalog and Document Type, that is a member of a Packet.
  2. Click ‘Capture’ at the top-left area of the Content Central webpage to go to Capture Page.
  3. In the Capture page, enter field value for the ‘Key Field’.
  4. Beside the Key Field, click on the yellow ‘key’  icon.
  5. One or more fields will be automatically populated, matching the fields entered for the Primary Document Type based on the Key field data entered.


Performing Key Field Look-up is also possible in ‘Document Properties’ panel.


  • To show the ‘Document Properties’ Panel:
    • From ‘Folders’ > ‘Coding Queue’, in the Results Grid Menu, click ‘Code Documents’
    • From other folders, in the Results Grid Menu, click ‘Modify’ > ‘Edit Properties’

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