Notifications can be enabled or disabled for unprocessed documents during the OCR process with Content Central.

  1. Login to Content Central using your username and password, as a member of the Administrators Group.
  2. Click ‘Options’ to go to the Options Page.
  3. In the Options Page, click ‘Preference’.
  4. In the Preference Page –
    • CHECK ‘Notify me when a document cannot be processed by the Capture Service.
      • This setting is only available for members of the Administrators Group.
      • If CHECKED, Unprocessed Document Notification Message will be sent to ‘Folders’ > ‘Messages’.
    • CHECK ‘Send a copy of each Content Central  message to the email address …
      • If CHECKED, Unprocessed Document Notification Message will also be sent to user’s email inbox.
  1. Click ‘Apply’ to apply the changes.

Unprocessed Documents are stored in and can be accessed from the Unprocessed Root Folder. The Unprocessed Root Folder path is configured in Configuration Manager > System Folders. Configuration Manager can be accessed from the Content Central server.


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